AGE TEKSTİL – We Make Elegant Touches to Your Style

We Make Elegant Touches to Your Style

We are making trendy products with our dynamic design team and presenting these products to our customers in the Apparel industry, where continuous innovations are experienced. We are happy to present products that reflectS user elegance at maximum levels with comfort of use.

We Offer Satisfaction – Oriented Solutions

We make spesific considerations for each request from our Customers and produce end-to-end solutions based on %100 Customer Satisfaction from order to delivery. In all projects we carry out, in direction with the Mutual Empathy method; we anlyze the demands in the most efficient way and serve in accordance with principles of High Quality and Competitive Prices.

We Serve You by Our Quarter-Century Knowhow

We are a team that serves with more than 25 years of experience, starting with Fabric Production and heading to the Apparel field.


Age Digital Printing Industry and Trade Limited Company was established in Bursa, which is called Capital City of Textile, in 2020, with more than 25 years of experience in the field of Fabric and Apparel Production.

In order to become a leading actor of World Trends, which are constantly changing with the oppurtunities offered by rapidly developing Technology in our World, we are partnering with these changes and the latest Trends with our Knowhow exceeding a quarter of a century.

While designing suitable products for Current Trends, we determine the Fabrics to be used in these designs with optimum conditions and offer them at competitive prices. In all our Production Steps, we apply the Inspection Criteria required both domestic and internationally, by paying attention to the Principles of Environmental Sensitivity and Sustainable Production.

Fashion, Colors and Tastes change, but Elegance is permanent. Based on this understanding, we are happy to offer Stylish and Attainable products for all by following all the changes.


As AGE Digital, we are happy to carry our knowhow more than 25 years in the production of Woven Fabrics to the Garment field.

Since we use our own Production Facilities and experience at all steps of the journey from yarn to clothing, we provide affordable production services with competitive prices in accordance with the requested quality standarts. We offer the most Trendy products to our precious Customer with the end-to-end Production method we adopted in the Women, Men and Kids groups.


We are fond of doing our job, with the experience we have got over 25 years and the principles of Mutual Trust and Transparency we have adopted. We are happy to provide services to those who prefer us in line with the Optimum Benefit and Cost criteria by adopting a win-win approach. We set attainable targets with our employees and business partners and take steps to reach them.




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